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About Us

Compost (kŏm pōsť)

A mixture of organic matter, as from leaves and manure, used to improve soil structure and provide nutrients. (American Heritage Dictionary, Fifth Edition, 2014)

North Prairie Bison Ranch, home to Buffalo Earth™ has been in the business of raising bison for over 20 years. The American bison, or buffalo, is the embodiment of the American heritage. Once hunted almost to extinction, they are now thriving, plentiful in numbers and once again populating the plains.

Buffalo Earth™, American’s original compost is of superior quality, the kind needed to amend and enhance soil. All natural, green and, of course, American made, Buffalo Earth™ has no added chemicals or artificial ingredients. The bison receive no hormones or antibiotics. Safe for both people and pets, it is both sustainable and recyclable, a truly “green” product.

We work closely with North Dakota State University’s Agriculture Extension service, Carrington, ND, in order to create this exceptional product. “The soil benefits greatly from the addition of compost. Fertility, water-holding capacity, bulk density and biological properties are improved. Odors are reduced and fly eggs due to the high temperatures occurring during microbial decomposition. Few weed seeds remain viable in properly composted manure, which can reduce the amount of herbicide or tillage needed for weed control…Composting animal manure is an effective way to kill pathogens. (NDSU Extension Service)