Bison Compost

It’s an exciting fall for Bison Compost, LLP. We recently unveiled our No. 2 Brew Compost Tea for Plants at two Pride of Dakota events, one at the Capitol in Bismarck, the other at the fall show in Dickinson, ND. Compost is a very old concept, so old it’s become new again. We take dried and finely sifted compost and put it into tea-sized bags.  It’s great for indoor plants and patio gardens because the tea bag can be tossed into a watering can, left to steep over-night or up to 24 hours and then used to water plants and give them a shot of plant nutrients in the one of the easiest possible ways. We had lots of fun meeting and educating people on our new product. Here we are with Averi from KXMB television in Bismarck.

IMG_3866  IMG_3849

Pride of Dakota is an amazing group that supports North Dakota businesses. They sponsor holiday shows around the state. We’ll make our presence known for the first time this year with gift boxes for gardeners. They include a collapsible watering can, 5-pack pouches of #2 Brew Compost Tea for Plants, our Wet Your Plants canvas tote and other goodies. This week we’ve been packing gift boxes for the shows. I guess that makes us Compost Elves this Christmas!

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